Joseph DeAngelo Search and Arrest warrant

On 4/20/18, affiant received results produced by the Sacramento DA Crime Lab from a swab of DeAngelo’s door handle. According to a qualified DNA criminalist the DNA contained a mixture of three individuals. The criminalist was able to isolate a contributor which accounted for 47% of the DNA present in the sample. The DNA was compared to one of the Orange county profiles which was confirmed by the criminalist to be identical to the profile from the March 1980 Lyman and Charlene Smith double homicide from Ventura County.

This 47% contributor of the DNA was consistent with both the Orange County and Ventura County (Smith suspect) profiles. The likelihood ratio for the three person mixture can be expressed as at least 10 billion times more likely to obtain the DNA results if the contributor was the same as the

Orange County Ventura County profile and two unknown and unrelated individuals than if three unknown an unrelated individual were the contributors.

 Joseph DeAngelo's DNA Collect

Collecting DNA from Joseph Deangelo’s Trash and door handle.

On 4/23/18, additional surreptitious samples were recovered out of DeAngelo’s trash can, located at his residence, 8316 Canyon Oak Drive, Citrus Heights, CA 95610. The trash can was put out on the street in front of his house the night before. DeAngelo is the only male ever seen at the residence during surveillance of his home which has occurred over the last three days. Multiple samples were selected from the collected trash and sent to the lab for DNA testing. Only one item, a piece of tissue (item 234-#8), provided interpretable DNA results. The likelihood ratio for this sample can be expressed as at least 47.5 Septillion times more likely to obtain the DNA results if the contributor was the same as the Orange County Ventura County profile than if an unknown and unrelated individual is the contributor.

Redacted by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Sweet:

Joseph DeAngelo redacted-search-warrant-final

Arrest warrant

-Joseph Deangelo-arrest warrant

Joseph Deangelo tired

Tired or chocked, first appearance in court by wheelchair then standing. Or the vision might not appear as funny as wanted?

Joseph Deangelo Court cage

Maybe it is not to fun for him when he no longer can dictate the scenery…


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Joseph James DeAngelo

Former Police Officer Joseph James DeAngelo

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