The Journey Begins

8 november 1945 in Bath New York. Joseph James DeAngelo is born.  named after his father Joseph James DeAngelo Jr as the offspring of Joseph James DeAngelo and Kathleen DeAngelo, maiden name DeGroat.

Former Police officer in Auburn and Exeter California

Joseph James DeAngelo

Joseph James DeAngelo


The Night stalker & The Original Night Stalker

And Many came after him… so “the night stalker”, was renamed to the Original Night Stalker. The Visalia Ransacker, the Eastern Area Rapist EAR and the Golden State Killer acted in more or less the same area.

Details of the Lyman and Charlene Smith murders–attributed to the Original Night Stalker.

Original Night Stalker ONS Killer

Few clues found VENTURA (AP) -Police – had few “further details Monday concerning the murder of attorney Lyman R. Smith, 43 and his wife Charlene, 33, who were apparently beaten to death in their bedroom. Smith was said to have been under consideration for a judgeship.  Smith’s son Gary, 12, found the bodies Sunday about 2:13 p.m., according according to police Lt. Randy Adams. The boy, who lives with his mother, Smith’s ex-wife, ex-wife, ex-wife, came over for a Sunday Sunday visit, Adams said.

DNA Evidence turned out to reveal that the Original Night Stalker (ONS), had the DNA in common with Visalia Ransacker and Eastern Area Rapist (EAR).


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